What is A Service Learning Trip?
  • A Service Learning Trip is an intentional time away from our everyday lives when we focus on growing in our faith through service, worship, learning, and fellowship.
  • Things Included on a Service Learning trip are, Service Work, Bible Study, Devotions, Worship, Cultural learning, reflection time, fun,team building, and much more! 
  • The goal of a Service Learning Trip is to immerse ourselves in our faith lives and hopefully emerge a little more aware of where we encounter God and how we can share his love in our day to day lives. 
What Service Learning Opportunities are there for youth at St. Andrew’s?
St. Andrew’s Youth Team offers several different Service learning opportunities for youth throughout their high school years (9th-12th grade). Here are our upcoming trips.
July 2017- High School Trip to Seattle Washington-
June 2018- Synod Journey and National Youth Gathering in Texas- Informational meeting on May 18th at 6 pm!
July 2019- Trip to be determined.
What is the time commitment of a Service Learning Trip?
Service Learning trips are generally about 10 days long in the Summer and do span weekends. Before the trip youth and adult leaders are required to attend team building meeting that are normally on Sunday afternoons and take about 4 hours. These events help ensure a more meaningful and positive trip for everyone by giving the group an opportunity to get to know each other, learn how they work together, and dig into the themes of the trip (through Bible Study, Conversation, and learning about the area we are visiting) After the trip, all youth and adult leaders are expected to take part in a dinner for the for the congregation where they will share their experience. Youth and adult leaders are also encouraged to participate in as many Fundraising and regular youth events as possible during the year leading up to the trip.
How much does a trip cost?
Service learning trip range in price from about $500 per youth to $1,200 per youth. Youth are also responsible for earning the funds to pay for the Adult leaders who volunteer to go on the trip with them. For example if the cost of a trip is $500 per person and ten youth are going with 2 adult leaders, each youth would have to earn $600 for the trip.
2 adult leaders x $500 per person = $1,000 
$1,000 /10 youth = $100 per youth
$500 per person + $100 each for adult leaders = $600
The total cost of the trip includes all meals, tickets, transportation, lodging, materials needed, and fees.
How can my I get involved in a trip?
We welcome all youth and adults to take an active roll in these trips! Check our website or join our Remind 101 page to information about upcoming trips, registration, being an adult leader, and fundraising. You can also follow our current trip by scrolling down, and see pictures from past trips in photo albums below! 
This year’s Trip!
This year 9 youth and 4 adults will travel to Seattle Washington to work with the Compass Housing Alliance as we dive into the theme of Expanding faith! Throughout the year our team is looking at how Christianity has spread in both good and bad ways and exploring how we live out and share our faith. We will also stop at Glacier National Park to do a day of volunteering with the National Forest Service and spend a day of adventure white water rafting and horseback riding! 
The trip dates are July 9th-19th!
Here are the upcoming important dates for this year’s trip!
April 21st 6pm-April 22nd 4pm- Team Building Lock in! 
May 7th- 2pm-5pm- Team Building
June 25th- 12-3pm- Last Team Building
June 25th- 3pm- 4:30pm- Parent and youth meeting
July 9th- Depart
July 19th- Arrive home
2016 Summer Service Learning Trip- Michigan- Stops in Sault Ste. Marie, Mackinaw Island, pictured rocks, and Whitehall MI. Theme- Remember your Baptism! Click photos to see larger images. 
2015 Summer Service Learning Trip, Synod Journey and National Gathering Lansing and Detroit MI! We Journeyed with over 400 youth from our area to join the ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit, a three day celebration of faith with 30,000 youth! check out some of the Photos below!