In our world today, it often seems like the loudest voices are those of hatred and despair. Well this year, we are going to start a journey to challenge that! The National Gathering and Synod Journey are opportunities for youth and adults to raise their voices and celebrate their faith together as they serve, grow deeper in their relationship with God, and have a ton of fun! THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING is our theme this year, and it looks at how God’s love changes literally everything, from us and our lives to the amazing world God has made! Join us as we start this journey together and raise our voices and celebrate our faith, proclaiming God’s love, serving our neighbor, and so much more!
Important Dates for our Trip:
May19th- 20th- Team Building lockin
June 17th- Team Building 11am-2pm
June 17th- Parent Meeting- 2pm-3pm
June 23rd- Depart
July 2nd- Return!
The Synod Journey and National Youth Gathering is a once (or if you time it right, twice!) in a lifetime opportunity for youth to engage in their faith and share in a truly amazing experience. This is unlike any mission trip, camp, club, or sport that youth participate in, and while all of those are important and valuable, this event only happens once every three years, and is a very powerful and meaningful experience, and one I strongly encourage youth and families to think about being part of!  You can find out more information here:  or contact Pastor Megan Crouch for more information.  She’s always happy to hear from you!
You can learn more about the Synod Journey portion of our trip by visiting this website!
The trip dates will be June 23rd – July 2nd, 2018 and the trip will cost approximately $1,685 per person. 
Please pray for our group of 7 youth, 2 adult leaders (Kim Allen and Pastor Megan Crouch), and Pastor David Anderson and Kory Cease serving as members of the Synod Journey Planning Team as we prepare for our journey!!!!