Our confirmation ministry for youth in grades 7, 8, and 9 is called “FINK.”  That’s short for Faith Inkubators – the
ministry organization who developed the materials and approach we use.  It’s a combination of large group presentations, small group processing, fellowship events (goofing off!) and service projects.
The presentations 
combine music, skits, video clips, “game show” previews and reviews, analogies and images as the pastors teach the different parts of our faith.  We cover the major components of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (Sacraments of Baptism and Communion, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and Apostle’s Creed), Lutheran Worship and the Bible.
Small Groups are where “the rubber hits the road.”  This is where faith formation happens and relationships are built.  Youth are divided into small groups of between 3-6 youth, based on gender and grade level, and are joined by an Adult  finksters1 Guide and a Youth Mentor, who is a high school student.finksters2
In most cases, the same people are in the same small group all three years of FINK.  The first thing – and perhaps the most important thing – that happens in small group time following each presentation is the sharing of Highs and Lows and praying for each other’s Highs and Lows.  Then guided discussion about the topic of the night takes up most of the rest of small group time, before all groups gather once again in the sanctuary for a wrap-up.
Fellowship Events and Service Projects –  In addition to FINK NITES (Presentations) every month each small group meets  for either a Fellowship Event or a Service Project (four of each during the FINK year). Fellowship events are times when the group gets together just to have fun being together. It could be a campfire, or going out fishing, or a movie night, riding bikes on the Mesabi Trail, a makeover night. The sky is the limit!  It is a way to build relationships through the sharing of common experiences.  We do Service Projects as serving is something followers of Jesus are called to do.  “We love and serve God by loving and serving people”. From projects at the church, to raking or shoveling for an elderly person, making a meal for someones grandma, baking cookies for someone in grief, visiting and reading to residents at a nursing home, washing the cars of all the group’s parents,cutting and stacking wood, providing child care so parents can go on a date night or shopping or attend an event at church.  The possibilities are endless!



 NOTE:  this does not include dates & times for the additional one time each month for either a service project or fellowship event. Attendance at these are just as important and expected as the FINK NITEs
DATE                              TOPIC                                 HOME HUDDLE                                   MAKE UP                                                                                              SHEET
September 12              ALL FINK SERVICE PROJECT 
September 19              Apostles Creed: God the Creator     AC01 God Creator        The Small Catechism-Unit 16


September 26              Apostles Creed: Jesus the Savior     AC04 Jesus SAvior        The Small Catechism-Unit 19


October 10                  Apostles Creed: Holy Spirit           AC07 Holy Spirit              The Small Catechism-Unit 21
                                                                                                                            The Small Catechism-Unit 22
October 24                  Lord’s Prayer:  Our Father            LP01 Our Father              The Small Catechism-Unit 9
                                                                                                                            The Small Catechism-Unit 10
November 7                 Lord’s Prayer:  Hallowed              LP02 Hallowed                The Small Catechism-Unit 11 November 28               Lord’s Prayer:  Kingdom Come      LP03 Kingdom Come        The Small Catechism-Unit 12 December 5                 Lord’s Prayer:  Will Be Done         LP04 Will Be Done           The Small Catechism-Unit 12 December 19               Lord’s Prayer:  Daily Bread           LP05 Daily Bread             The Small Catechism-Unit 13
January 2                    Lord’s Prayer:  Forgive Us             LP06 Forgive US              The Small Catechism-Unit 14
January 16                  Lord’s Prayer:  Time of Trial          LP07 Time of Trial           The Small Catechism-Unit 15
January 30                  Lord’s Prayer:  Deliver from Evil     LP08 Deliver from Evil   The Small Catechism-Unit 15             February 13                Lord’s Prayer:  Doxology               LP09 Doxology
February 27                 Lutheran Worship:Word                LL06 Worship Word
May 8                          Lutheran Worship:  Meal/Sending        LL07 Worship MealSend
May 15                          party/wrap-up (=FELLOWSHIP) and Church & yard cleanup (= SERVICE)
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