Senior High Youth at St. Andrew’s
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Senior High Youth Group
9th-12th grades
September – May:  Sunday evenings from 6:30-8pm
Summer Months:    Wednesday Evenings after the Lakeside
Summer Service (service starts at 6pm)
Peer Ministry Leadership @ St. Andrews
9th-12th grades
What is Peer Ministry? 
* Youth learn to love like Jesus.  
* Youth become equipped in the people skills necessary to be a caring and welcome friend.  
* Youth expand and deepen their personal faith through developing the servant hearts.
* Youth learn living skills for situations that occur in their every day and every where! 
* Youth learn to be a bridge of resource to those in need.
Peer Ministry Training for 2019 will take place at Wildwood Resort in Cohasset (Kim and Jay Jamtgaard’s resort) on a date to be determined in the near future!  There is NO COST to the youth for this retreat…THAT’S how important it is!  Stay tuned for the date to be released.
***Are you interested in financially supporting this ministry?  Please talk to Nikki or Pastor Dave if so! 
Do you snap?  The Senior High youth that attend youth groups a lot have a snap group in Snap Chat!  If you would like to be added, let one of the Senior High or Nikki know!
St. Andrew’s Health/Release form for 2018-19!
Please…Please…Please take a moment to fill out and submit this form before doing any event or trip!  We ask ALL students 18 and under to have one on file with us for your own protection and security!  And GOOD NEWS… You only have to fill it out one time per year! 
Click here to fill it out online…THANKS!!!