Middle School Forum, 5th-8th Grades…
This is a time to get together while the younger kids are in their classrooms for Sunday School and the adults are having their Bible studies.  You are encouraged to join the Sunday School students in the Sanctuary at 10:20am on Sunday mornings for some fun songs with Nikki. (BTW, this will be a GREAT time for you to help lead songs, actions or just role model as the “big kids”!  Then you’ll head to the Fireside Room for your own teen time to take part in the congregation’s journey through The Story. Myrna Peterson helps to lead the Forum so you know a great time will be had by all! 

Middle School Monthly Youth Group

6th, 7th and 8th grades

Sunday, March 24th from 4:30-6:30 (includes dinner)
You’ve heard of Escape Rooms???  Now you’ll get to experience one…St. Andrew’s Style! 
St. Andrew’s Health/Release form for 2018-19!
Please…Please…Please take a moment to fill out and submit this form!  We ask ALL students 18 and under have one on file with us for your own protection and security!  And GOOD NEWS… You only have to fill it out one time per year! 
Click here to fill it out online…THANKS!!!