What is a Sabbatical?

              Sabbatical comes from the term Sabbath, a time when we rest, refocus on God, and reconnect with our faith. For pastors a sabbatical is an extend time away from the congregation that they are encouraged to take every seven years in order to devote time to growing in their own faith, spending time in study and developing as a leader, and to renew and refresh themselves for ministry and service.

How does a Sabbatical Benefit a congregation and a pastor?

              Sabbaticals have many benefits to both the congregation and the pastor. They help encourage growth in both the pastor (by giving them time to reflect on their ministry and study) and to the congregation (by and opening space for new ideas about ministry and for leaders to emerge while the pastor is away). They also help promote pastors staying in their congregations for a longer period of time by helping to prevent clergy burn out, and send pastors back to their congregations with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for ministry.

Pastor Megan’s Basic Plan and Goals
Dates- Jan 9th- April 4th 2017
  1. Renewing Discipleship – engaging global discipleship models
  2. Renewing Resources – curriculum writing
  3. Renewing Health – commitment to living a healthier lifestyle
  4. Renewing Mind – Study opportunities

What will Pastor Megan Do while She is on Sabbatical?

       I have a full sabbatical plan that I’m happy to provide to anyone interested, however some highlights of the plan include a three-week trip to Tanzania, spending time doing independent study of Lutheran Theology, Youth and Family ministry and leadership, and writing curriculum for our Middle School Youth, and VBS program. I also plan to spend time with my family including time in MI with my mom, dad, sister Mallory, brother-in-law Keith, and grandma, and in WI with my sister Molly, brother-in-law Greg, and niece and nephew Fiona and Wesley.