2020 Summer Trips
Ozark  Mountains Mission Trip, June 17-26, 2020
-Additional Paperwork (will be added to in future)
Boundary Waters Canoe Adventures (through VLM)
July 12-19, 2020
(Please note that this trip is capped 
to 7 participants total!  First come, first serve!)
Boundary Waters Canoe Trip, from July 2019 
Voyageurs Lutheran Ministry
 back row:  Cat Rud, Makenzie Jaranson, Dane Kennedy, Chaz Adamson, Peyton Swanson  
front row:  Alex (guide from VLM), Pastor Dave, Garritt Swanson 
New Orleans Mission Trip, from June 2019
Hurry up and wait!  Having some fun at 3am waiting for our train to arrive in Staples, MN
From left to right:  Breanna Benson, Garritt Swanson, Cameron Guertin, Catherine Rud, Audrey Bestland, Makenzie Jaranson and Karlee Jamtgaard – Not pictured are the two “adults” 🙂 on the trip, Kori Cease and Nikki Rud