Children, Youth and Family Ministry

Children’s Advent Movie Devotions

Week 1: HOPE (Nov.29-Dec.1)

Movie:  A Charlie Brown Christmas

To download the movie free from YouTube, follow this link (due to copyright issues some songs have been slightly shortened or omitted): 


Isaiah 40:1-2 ~ Comfort, comfort my people! Says your God. Speak compassionately to Jerusalem and proclaim to her that her compulsory service as ended, that her penalty has been paid.

These words were written hundreds of years before Jesus was born! Isaiah was giving God’s people hope, reminding them that, even in captivity, God was with them and that there would be better days ahead.  

Hope is such a powerful force! It’s the belief in something happening and the knowing that it will happen!



After Part 6 of the video, stop for these talking points:

  • Near the beginning of the movie, Charlie Brown feels certain he won’t get a Christmas card…yet he looks in the mailbox anyway. Even though he’s struggling with his feelings, we still see the flicker of hope in him.  Have you even hoped really hard for something to happen?
  • Charlie Brown goes to Lucy to talk.  He’s worried about not feeling happy during the Christmas season.  Something to him just feels like it’s missing.  Has this feeling ever happened to you?
  • Everyone seems to want something for Christmas – Lucy wants real estate, Snoopy wants a prize for winning the Lights and Display Contest and Sally wants $10’s and $20’s!  All of these things are material things…but Charlie Brown just seems to want to know what the point of Christmas is.  Hope is believing something could happen and having the confidence to expect that it will happen…so Charlie Brown keeps hoping.



After the movie, follow up with these talking points:

  • The great moment of hope comes when Charlie Brown and Linus go to a Christmas tree lot and Charlie sees the small, dried up Christmas tree. He sees potential in it, even when the normally-optimistic Linus isn’t sure it’s a good idea.
  • Charlie Brown’s heart is stirred.  He sees something in the tree worth saving, worth hoping for.
  • How do the others respond when Charlie Brown brings back the little tree?  They criticize Charlie Brown, mock him, and laugh at him.
  • This almost causes him to lose hope, until Linus recites the Christmas story. This is a powerful reminder that, just as we have our own hopes, so does everyone else. We must be kind in treating one another’s hopes with care.
  • After Linus recites the Christmas story, we see Charlie Brown’s hope once again restored. What does he need to do next?  He takes the tree hope and tries to decorate it, but it falls over.
  • At this point, it might seem like all hope is lost, not just for the tree, but for Charlie Brown feeling fulfilled. But his act of hope inspired all the others. They follow him hope, and what happens next?  They decorate the tree and it seems to spring to life. Then they all wish Charlie Brown and Merry Christmas as they sing a Christmas carol together!  


Loving God, we have You, and there is hope. We have each other, and there is hope. We wait for Jesus, and with confident expectation, there is hope! Amen.
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