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2020-2021 FINK (Confirmation) Registration!

Please fill a registration out for

EACH child in 7th, 8th and 9th grades

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Due to the COVID-19 guidelines through the CDC, the MN Department of Health and our NorthEastern MN Synod, we will be starting our FINK year online. There are 3 main steps that will make this possible.

*** FIRST and foremost…WORSHIP! At 6:00pm FINK begins with RECHARGE Worship on Facebook Live through St. Andrew’s Page. If you have not already done so, go www.saintand.org and click “Follow us on Facebook” on the right side of the home page. You can also just follow us directly on Facebook, as I’m sure most of you already do! 🙂 You will be expected to do 20 sermon notes through the course of each FINK year.

The Sermon Notes Document can be accessed by clicking HERE or from the link on the Facebook page that will appear right before service starts.

*** SECONDLY, at 6:45 after the RECHARGE service ends, FINK NITE will continue with Pastor Dave – via a Zoom meeting. The Zoom Invites will be emailed to you so it is VERY IMPORTANT that we have accurate and preferred email addresses! If you or your student have not received this invitation, please text Nikki (218-259-9129). We are not clear whether school-issued iPads and/or school related emails will allow use of Zoom, so if possible, please send us an alternative email address

*** LASTLY, following your time with Pastor Dave, you will be divided into Small Group Breakout Rooms led by your small group leader. This will happen on the the same Zoom call. You will be expected to download small group handouts for guiding your conversations (these will be provided each FINK night). There will also be 5 Home Huddle Sheets required per FINK year. These will be emailed to you to complete.

The FINK year dates will look a little different this year…Please take time to look through the calendar below. You’ll notice that during the warmer months, weather permitting, we will attempt to be on site and outside..Stay tuned!

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FINK 2020 – 2021


6:00 PM RECHARGE Worship live streamed on Facebook

Followed by FINK Presentation and Small Groups on a ZOOM meeting. Done by 8:00 PM



Sunday Sept. 27th Orientation for all 7th, 8th, and 9th grade youth and Parents– 2:00 pm

In the parking lot. Bring lawn chairs.

BETWEEN THE ORIENTATION AND OCTOBER 21 Small groups may meet for Fellowship and we may be having Youth Group gatherings/Fellowship as well. (it all depends on weather and COVID!)
DATE                        TOPIC                                                          MAKE UP WORK
download, print, do the work, and mail or email back to Pastor Dave david@saintand.org
October 21                 Sacrament of Baptism                                                              The Small Catechism-Unit 28
October 28                Sacrament of Baptism – Newness of Life                             The Small Catechism – Unit 4

November 4             Sacrament of Communion – Passover to Last Supper.     The Small Catechism-Unit 6

November 11             Sacrament of Communion – Taste and See                         The Small Catechism-Unit 7

December 2             First Commandment – No other gods                                   The Small Catechism-Unit 23

December 9             Second Commandment – Name in vain                               The Small Catechism-Unit 24

December 16            Third Commandment – Remember the Sabbath              The Small Catechism-Unit 24

January 6                  Fourth Commandment – Honor parents                              The Small Catechism-Unit 25

January 13                 Fifth Commandment – No murder                                         The Small Catechism-Unit 26

January 20                Sixth Commandment – No adultery                                       The Small Catechism-Unit 27

January 27                Seventh Commandment – No stealing                                  The Small Catechism-Unit 28

February 3                 Eighth Commandment – No lying                                          The Small Catechism-Unit 28

February 10               Ninth and Tenth Commandments – No coveting               The Small Catechism-Unit 29




(although we need to figure out the details, depending on COVID situation)


POST EASTER It may be that we try to do some of our Fellowship Events (goofing off and having fun) and Service Projects after Easter. So much depends on COVID situation. We need to stay nimble and flexible.

Downloadable and printable SCHEDULE-2020-2021


Our confirmation ministry for youth in grades 7, 8, and 9 is called “FINK.” That’s short for Faith Inkubators – the
ministry organization who developed the materials and approach we use. It’s a combination of large group presentations, small group processing, fellowship events (goofing off!) and service projects. Please keep in mind, that our current year is somewhat limited with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are doing everything in our power to still bring a rich and meaningful Confirmation year. The info below pertains mostly to a “normal” FINK year.
The Presentations
combine music, skits, video clips, “game show” previews and reviews, analogies and images as the pastors teach the different parts of our faith. We cover the major components of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (Sacraments of Baptism and Communion, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and Apostle’s Creed), Lutheran Worship and the Bible.
Small Groups are where “the rubber hits the road.” This is where faith formation happens and relationships are built. Youth are divided into small groups of between 3-6 youth, based on gender and grade level, and are joined by an Adult finksters1 Guide and a Youth Mentor, who is a high school student.finksters2
In most cases, the same people are in the same small group all three years of FINK. The first thing – and perhaps the most important thing – that happens in small group time following each presentation is the sharing of Highs and Lows and praying for each other’s Highs and Lows. Then guided discussion about the topic of the night takes up most of the rest of small group time, before all groups gather once again in the sanctuary for a wrap-up called the “Final 15”. This is a contemplative and candlelit time together for reflective prayer.
Fellowship Events and Service Projects – There are times we also like to have fun together and serve together. It is very clear in God’s call to each and everyone of us that we serve others by sharing God’s love. We should always be the hands and feet to our God and Savior. Service events might include helping with a dinner, raking or other outdoor work, upkeep of the church property, visiting a nursing home and much more. That being said, we also like to play fun group games, go bowling together, have lock-ins, take fun trips like skiing trips and Valleyfair days. By praying, playing, learning and serving together we are bound together in the body of Christ. Fellowship and service will be mostly led by Nikki, St. Andrew’s Children, Youth and Family Ministry Director, along with all our amazing small group guides.
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