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Now that we are past Lenten Faith Mentoring, FINK NITES are starting up again – beginning this Wednesday, April 15th.  But due to these strange times we are living in, FINK will need to be conducted differently.  In a nutshell, there are 3 online gatherings each FINK NITE:

  1.  6:00pm  FINK begins with RECHARGE Worship – on Facebook Live.  Go to the church’s Facebook page.  Get there easiest by going to our website www.saintand.org Click “Follow us on Facebook” on the right side of the home page. 
The Sermon Notes Document can be accessed by clicking HERE or from the link on the Facebook page that will appear right before service starts.  
2.  6:30 (or 5 minutes after worship ends)  FINK NITE continues with PD – via a Zoom meeting. We have emailed the Zoom meeting invitation.  If you or your student have not received this invitation, please text Nikki (218-259-9129), the students name and the best email address to use.  We are not clear whether school-issued iPads and/or school related emails will allow use of Zoom, so if possible, please send us an alternative email address.
***Small Group Handouts and Home Huddle Sheets are posted below  
3.  7:00 (or immediately after PD ends his FINK NITE presentation) Small Groups, gather via a separate Zoom meeting set up by your small group Guide, which will be or has been emailed to you.

The remainder of the FINK year looks like this (and is the same as the original schedule):

April 15 Peter and early Church

April 22 Fellowship – Zoom with Nikki

April 29  Paul and letters of Paul

May 6  Revelation to John

May 13 Fellowship/Service  TBD – in person if allowed; on line if necessary

Thank you for your patience.  Thank you for the extra effort it will take you to log in to three separate meetings.  Thank you for your commitment to ongoing faith formation!

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Though all in-person worship is canceled until May 18, we are continuing to gather as a community of faith on Facebook Live.  We are streaming all worship services so please watch worship Wednesdays at 6:00, and then call your Faith Mentor or your Mentee (student) and use the discussion guide available to download below and have your discussion. 
Click HERE to submit your sermon notes for your Confirmation requirements. 🙂
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Our confirmation ministry for youth in grades 7, 8, and 9 is called “FINK.”  That’s short for Faith Inkubators – the
ministry organization who developed the materials and approach we use.  It’s a combination of large group presentations, small group processing, fellowship events (goofing off!) and service projects.
The presentations 
combine music, skits, video clips, “game show” previews and reviews, analogies and images as the pastors teach the different parts of our faith.  We cover the major components of Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (Sacraments of Baptism and Communion, the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments and Apostle’s Creed), Lutheran Worship and the Bible.
Small Groups are where “the rubber hits the road.”  This is where faith formation happens and relationships are built.  Youth are divided into small groups of between 3-6 youth, based on gender and grade level, and are joined by an Adult  finksters1 Guide and a Youth Mentor, who is a high school student.finksters2
In most cases, the same people are in the same small group all three years of FINK.  The first thing – and perhaps the most important thing – that happens in small group time following each presentation is the sharing of Highs and Lows and praying for each other’s Highs and Lows.  Then guided discussion about the topic of the night takes up most of the rest of small group time, before all groups gather once again in the sanctuary for a wrap-up.
Fellowship Events and Service Projects –  On those Wednesdays we do not have a FINK Presentation, all 7th, 8th adn 9th grade students and their Guides will be engaged in Fellowship and/or Service.   Nikki Rud, Director of Children Youth and  Family Ministries, will be spearheading this so  that all the FINK Small Groups can do this together as a large group.  If a Small Group has a specific Fellowship event or Service Project they would like to do apart from what the Large Group, that’s fine.  What we want for Fellowship are times when the group gets together just to have fun being together. It could be a campfire, or going out fishing, or a movie night, riding bikes on the Mesabi Trail, a makeover night. The sky is the limit!  It is a way to build relationships through the sharing of common experiences.  We do Service Projects as serving is something followers of Jesus are called to do.  “We love and serve God by loving and serving people”. From projects at the church, to raking or shoveling for an elderly person, making a meal for someones grandma, baking cookies for someone in grief, visiting and reading to residents at a nursing home, washing the cars of all the group’s parents,cutting and stacking wood, providing child care so parents can go on a date night or shopping or attend an event at church.  The possibilities are endless!
FINK  SCHEDULE 2019-2020
FINK is now part of our Wednesday RECHARGE, which includes a meal for everyone served 5:00- 6:00 and worship at 6:00. Worship is part of FINK. Plan on being at St. Andrew’s each Wednesday evening 6:00 – 8:00 PM
DATE                          TOPIC                                                     MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENTS                 HOME HUDDLE SHEET
September 4th:         ORIENTATION FOR ALL  7th, 8th, and 9th grade youth AND parents – 6pm no meal or worship                     
September 11th:       FINK NITE – Creation                                      Unit 1                                OT02HomeHuddleHandout
RECHARGE begins!  Meal, worship, FINK and Final 15 (for more info, click here!)
FINK service and fellowship night
September 25th:      FINK NITE – The Fall                                        Unit 1                               OT03HomeHuddleHandout
October 2nd:           FINK service/fellowship
October 9th:           FINK NITE – People and the Promise                  Unit 2      AND      Unit 3
October 16th:         FINK service/fellowship
October 23rd:         FINK NITE– Moses and the Wanderings                Unit 4      AND      Unit 5
October 30th:          FINK service/fellowship
November 6th:         FINK NITE – Psalms and Wisdom Literature         Unit 13      AND      Unit 14
November 13th:        FINK NITE – Voice of the Prophets                      Unit 9     AND    Unit 10
November 20th:        FINK service/fellowship
November 28th:        FINK NITE – The Gospels Overview                     Unit 16
December 4th:         FINK NITE – Jesus’ Baptism and Wilderness          Unit 18
December 11th:  FINK service/fellowship
December 18th:  FINK NITE – The Teachings of Jesus                           Unit 19
January 8th:  FINK NITE – The Miracles of Jesus                                  Unit 21   AND   Unit 20
January 15th:  FINK service/Fellowship
January 22nd:  FINK NITE – The Passion                                              Unit 23     AND    Unit 24
January 29th:  FINK service/fellowship
February 5th:  FINK NITE – The Resurrection                                       Unit 25  
February 12th:  FINK NITE – The Holy Spirit Comes                              Unit 26    
April 15th:  FINK NITE – Peter and the Early Church                              Unit 27
April 22nd:  FINK service/fellowship
April 29th:  FINK NITE – The Journeys and Letters of Paul                     Unit 28  AND  Unit 29
May 6th:  FINK NITE – The Revelation to John                                        Unit 30
May 13th:  FINK service/fellowship – Church & Yard Cleanup and party/wrap up
LENTEN FAITH MENTORING  Mentor guidelines 2020
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