The Congregation Council is comprised of 11 members elected by the congregation for staggering 3-year terms and the Pastor.  Together, they discern and tend to the vision and mission of St. Andrew’s, have fiduciary responsibility for our organization, set policies and oversee the variety of ministries.  Each council member serves as liaison to one of four ministry areas.
  • Faith in Action – focuses on engaging people to live out their faith by serving, volunteering, getting involved
  • Faith Formation and Journey – this encompasses all educational and discipleship ministries, including Children, Youth and Family ministries, adult education, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Bible Studies etc.
  • Site Care and Planning –  overseeing anything to do with our facilities and property.
  • Financial Planning and Giving –  Encouraging intentional financial stewardship (giving) and the intentional use of those financial gifts people have entrusted to the congregation.
Names of council members are listed below, together with the Council Team they are part of. 
Linda Flom  Faith in Action
Amber Jackson  Property Site Care and Planning
Kim Jamtgaard  Faith in Action
Sue Mertz  Property Site Care and Planning
Byron Snowden  Financial Planning and Giving
Dan Thureen  Financial Planning and Giving
Betsy Trevena  Faith Formation and Journey
Conley Janssen  Property Site Care and Planning
Brian Jenkins  Faith Formation and Journey
Keith Young  Faith Formation and Journey
The current Executive Team consists of:  Pastor David N. Anderson; President Amber Jackson; Vice President Kim Jamtgaard; Treasurer Dan Thureen; Council Secretary Vicky Lorenz