Devotion Booklet
Spiritual Life and Worship – Though we of course hope to raise funds sufficient for our identified project, this appeal is so much more!  It is about advancing the mission and ministry of St. Andrew’s.  It is about growth and depth of faith. It is about generating excitement, enthusiasm (en= in, theos = God) passion and commitment.  It is about discipleship. And that is what the Spiritual Life and Worship teams are all about.  To that end these teams have compiled devotions for the week prior to and the three weeks of our campaign.  Their hope is to have a resource that inspires people to consider how God stirs our lives to a deeper love and a brighter faith.  The inspiration will come through ordinary people like each one of us, simply telling our stories.  The insights and thoughts from a broad sample of St. Andrew’s members will make this a rich resource.
Daily Devotions
2018-09-26    Wednesday September 26 2018
2018-09-27    Thursday September 27 2018
2018-09-28    Friday September 28 2018
2018-09-29    Saturday September 29 2018
2018-09-30    Sunday September 30 2018
2018-10-01    Monday October 1 2018
2018-10-02    Tuesday October 2 2018
2018-10-03    Wednesday October 3 2018
2018-10-04    Thursday October 4 2018
2018-10-05    Friday October 5 2018
2018-10-12    Friday October 12 2018
2018-10-16    Tuesday October 16 2018
2018-10-17    Wednesday October 17 2018