YOU WANT TO JOIN THE CONGREGATION – Everyone interested in becoming part of the family of faith at St. Andrew’s should participate in New Member classes.  During this class, we cover the basics of Christianity from a distinctly Lutheran perspective and are introduced to the ministries of St. Andrew’s.  New Member classes are typically two 2-hour evening sessions offered twice each year.  New members are formally received into membership at a worship celebration a week or two after the second session of the  class.  Please call the church office (326-8508) for the date of the next class.
YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED –  Congratulations!  St. Andrew’s is happy to perform legal weddings for members and non-members alike. The first step is to download and read St. Andrew’s wedding packet  PD-SAGR-Wedding-Packet 2-2020    which also includes the Wedding Service  St. Andrew’s uses.  Please note that there are options from which to choose in several sections of the wedding service.  After having read the Wedding Booklet, please call to set up an appointment with our pastor.  At that time, you will sign a Wedding Agreement Form.  This signifies that you have read and agree to the Wedding Guidelines and fees.  It also commits the church and pastor to the agreed upon date.
YOU WANT TO DISCUSS BAPTISM – Baptism marks the entry into the Body of Christ and is an important step in the life of every Christian.  We understand baptism as a means through which God pours His grace upon people, a grace that is received by faith.  Lutheranism recognizes baptism as one of the two sacraments, the other being Holy Communion.  If you would like your infant or young child baptized, please contact the church and request the booklet “Welcome to the Family!” For Parents Whose Child is About to Be Baptized” by Rich Melheim.  At that time, you can also talk with the pastor about setting the date of the baptism as well as a pre-baptismal meeting.  Baptisms can be scheduled for most Sundays at our 9:00 am worship service or at our 6:00 pm Wednesday Worship Service Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  Adults who wish to discuss baptism should speak with the pastor to discuss baptism and joining the St. Andrew’s family of faith.
YOU WANT TO USE THE CHURCH BUILDING – Members of this family of faith as well as community groups may use the church building for meetings and events as long as the event does not conflict with St. Andrew’s Mission, Vision, values and beliefs.  Please call the church office to confirm the availability of the facility and/or a room in the facility.  If the date and space are available, you will be asked to read the Facility Use Policy and then complete and return the Facility Use Form (included in the document “facility use policy”)  after which the event will be placed on the church calendar.

YOU WANT TO HAVE A FUNERAL – Funeral services at the church can bring God’s word of comfort, hope and promise to those who are grieving.  Funerals may be held at St. Andrew’s or perhaps at a Funeral Home.  Normally, the pastoral staff will have been involved in the end of life process, having visited with the dying person and their family.  At other times, however, the dying person and/or family may have had little or no church connection.  Families and/or hospital and nursing home staff may call upon a pastor in these circumstances.   You  may wish to download the FUNERAL PLANNING PACKET SAGR 3-2019 which includes an information form, suggested Bible passages and hymns, as well as the order of a funeral service with options from which to choose when planning a funeral.