As we believe that generous giving is one of the Marks of Discipleship and is definitely a spiritual matter, we encourage everyone to give freely, joyfully, regularly and sacrificially.   Our financial gifts make possible all we do together as a family of faith – providing for all our ministries and the staff, resources and facilities necessary to make them possible. When we give, we are blessed as we know that we are being responsive to God’s call to be about His Kingdom work in the here and now. 
Please also consider setting up an automated method of giving for your recurring financial gifts. 

Many people use electronic transfer of funds to take care of their most important financial commitments – mortgage, utilities, insurances, etc. In more recent years many people have chosen to do the same for their recurring giving to St. Andrew’s. The benefit of this method of giving is you never forget to do the giving you intend to do.  It happens automatically.  You never need to “catch up”.  It is a method of “first fruits” giving.  Instead of giving what is “left over,” you decide up front what to give to God’s Kingdom work.  It also provides for a more consistent cash flow for your congregation. 

There are (at least) three forms of automated giving for you to consider:

    • Simply Giving – is a transfer of funds from a person’s bank account to St. Andrew’s bank account. The church pays a transaction fee.  See information below
    • Giving online – At the bottom right of this page under “OnlineGiving” you can set up one-time or recurring giving using your credit card, debit card or ACH bank transfer. There is an option for the donor to pay for the transaction fee, otherwise the church will pay it.
    • Arranging with your bank or credit union to have a check sent automatically and regularly to the church. It depends on the institution and the type of account(s) you have, but often there are no fees associated with this.

simply_giving image

Simply Giving – an electronic transfer of funds (ETF). from a donors bank account to the church’s account.  To learn more, download the SIMPLY GIVING information form.  If you are interested in pursuing your giving in this way, download the SIMPLY GIVING authorization form.  If you have questions about Simply Giving, please contact Angela Olson, Parish Secretary. 
Simply text the amount you’d like to to give to  (218) 514-6672
First time givers will be prompted to provide their payment method via a secure web page.  
ONLINE Giving Page 
For one-time or recurring donations using a credit or debit card, or bank account, please click here.