St. Andrew’s Senior High Youth 
St. Andrew’s senior scholarship form 
For consideration of this $250 scholarship, please click the HERE for the online form application – all applications for the current school year need to be submitted by April 1st.
Youth Group 
Starting September 15th, Senior high youth will meet following 6pm RECHARGE Wednesday service (approximately 6:45) and will conclude after Final 15 at 8pm.  Nikki will also be available for hang out time afterwards for anyone wanting to stay late.
Cardia Deo Senior High Gathering
The 2022 Cardia Deo gathering will be March 4-6, 2022 at Big Sandy Camp in McGregor. Be watching for more details as it nears! 
Peer Ministry Leadership @ St. Andrews9th-12th Grades
What is Peer Ministry? 
* Youth learn to love like Jesus.  
* Youth become equipped in the people skills necessary to be a caring and welcome friend.  
* Youth expand and deepen their personal faith through developing the servant hearts.
* Youth learn living skills for situations that occur in their every day and every where! 
* Youth learn to be a bridge of resource to those in need.
Our 2022 retreat’s date and information will be released as soon as possible
 National Youth Gathering
The National Youth Gathering was cancelled this year due to Covid-19 and the pandemic.  But… the Synod Journey is still happening in July!  Plus the group will continue to the Wisconsin Dells for a few days of fun.  Contact Nikki for more information.
Upcoming Fundraisers!
At St. Andrew’s, we want our youth to be able to raise money for the trips and events we offer.  If you are connected with one of the many forms of communication above, Nikki will keep reminding you when an opportunity comes up! 🙂
St. Andrew’s Health/Release form for 2021-22!
Please…Please…Please take a moment to fill out and submit this form before doing any event or trip!  We ask ALL students under 18 to have one on file with us for your own protection and security!  And GOOD NEWS… You only have to fill it out one time per year! 
Click here to fill it out online…THANKS!!!
Stay connected! 
Here’s a few ways how to do it! 
St. Andrew’s Facebook updates with pictures, videos, announcements and much more.  Follow this link to our page and “Follow” to get notifications directly to your devices. Click HERE to directly to our Facebook page.
You can watch all sermons, Lenten messages, and more by watching and/or subscribing to St. Andrew’s YouTube Channel.  Click HERE to go directly to that page. 
INSTANT MESSAGES (through Facebook) – 
If you use a smartphone, tablet or computer, please join Facebook and the “St-And-Sinners” chat group.  Not only will announcements and updates be included in this group, but also during this time of mandated social distancing, we will be connecting as a group to stay in touch and remain the family of God.
Make sure Nikki has your cell number and ask to be included on group texts.
REMIND 101 – 
Get the latest announcements, reminders and changes straight to your cell or email by enrolling in Remind 101 messages! Creating an account for the site is simple and free. Here’s how to get connected…To get messages text (918)289-2486 with the message @pastormega OR Click HERE to link online.
6th-12th graders are welcome to join our snap groups.  You can request to be added to the 6th-9th FINK Minions group or the 9th-12th grade St And Sinner group.  Nikki can be found at nrud506 and will happily add you.
To get text messages, calls and emails from the office, please make sure Angela Olson, our Parish Secretary, has your current contact information.