The Northeastern Minnesota Synod Companion Synod Relationship
with the Iglesia Cristiana Luterana de Honduras (ICLH)

St. Andrew’s is proud and excited to work with our partners in the ICLH in Honduras, one of our Synod’s companion synods!
Our Synod sends teams to Honduras twice a year (normally in October and May) to work with our partners in Honduras. These trips are open to anyone, and are generally 6-8 days long. Our work includes helping host a theological workshop, visiting congregations worshiping communities, working to support a preschool and food program, and working with the ICLH to provided water filters to families. Pastor Megan is a member of our synod’s Honduras leadership team; if you would like more information about going on one of our trips, please contact her!
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Where exactly is Honduras?
Honduras is located in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the south, the Caribbean Sea to the north and east, El Salvador to the southwest, and Guatemala to the northeast. It is mostly mountainous and forested—although widespread slash-and-burn subsistence farming is destroying many forests. The largely mestizo population speaks Spanish, with English common on the northern coast and Bay Islands. Mayan ruins at Copán, which represent the wealth of the past in what today is one of the region’s poorest nations, help diversify the economy with tourist revenue. Although agricultural products are plentiful, mostly bananas and coffee, they have failed to enliven the economy of this country. A military coup in 2009 further destabilized the country. Violence is widespread, especially in urban areas. The population is 7,212,000 with just over a million of those living in the capital of Tegucigalpa. The GDP is US $2,500 and the literacy rate is about 76%.
Walking Together
One of the best parts of our relationship with Honduras is that even if you don’t go on a trip to Honduras, you can walk with our friends in Honduras. Our church sends cards, gift bags for kids, first aid kits, prayer squares, and gifts and care kits for home bound and sick congregation members we visit while in Honduras. 
Kids at St. Andrew’s both send and sometimes receive cards from our companions in Honduras.
Women knit prayer squares and donate small stuffed toys to kids.
Our Youth Group pays for and assemble gift bags for school kids.