Marks of powersurgeDiscipleship

St. Andrew’s  is committed to growing disciples of Jesus Christ – people who live their lives as faithful followers of Jesus Christ, placing their trust and hope in Jesus and striving to live according to His will for their lives.  Jesus wants to be Lord over all areas of your life – in your family, with your friends, at work, at school, at play, in the church, with your time, with your possessions and with your finances.  It is only when Jesus is leader over all areas of our lives that we will truly find meaning and fulfillment in life.

To help people grow as a disciple of Jesus and to keep us all on the journey of faith, St. Andrew’s lifts up and encourages all people to live according to the “Marks of Discipleship”

As a follower of Jesus, I will strive to:

  • Pray daily
  • Weekly worship
  • Read the Bible daily
  • Serve in a ministry of St. Andrew’s and in a ministry in the community
  • Relate with other Christians for care and prayer, support and study
  • Give generously, growing toward and beyond tithing (10% of our financial resources.)


The six Marks of Discipleship are not items on a check list that we need to do to be loved by God.  (God already loves you!)  Rather, they are ways we practice our faith in everyday life.  They are habits which define who we are as followers of Jesus.  The Marks are important because unless Christians are worshiping and renewing their spirits regularly, they will become stale and ineffective.  This recognizes that Christian life is dynamic, not static.  Either we are growing or we are deteriorating.  Our goal is to be growing as followers of Jesus, who can then make a difference in the world and in the lives of others.