WEDNESDAYS AT ST. ANDREW’S! Beginning September 2019

  • RECHARGE recognizes that following Jesus and being part of a Family of Faith is not a once-a-week event.
  • RECHARGE recognizes that we may benefit from returning to the Source of Power in-between Sundays.
  • RECHARGE is a time and a place to gather with brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • RECHARGE is meant to fill you with life and peace in the midst of an often hectic life – you don’t have to cook and you get to worship, sing, pray and commune.


A RECHARGE in life and faith in the middle of the week is what you are invited to be part of each Wednesday. Check it out, and make RECHARGE a regular part of your weekly schedule!

4:30-5:30         Bell Choir (sanctuary)

5:00-6:00         Dinner for all (Fellowship Hall)  suggested donation of $2.

5:15-6:00         Men’s Choir (sanctuary or preschool piano area)

6:00-6:45        Worship for all

6:45-7:45         FINK Nights

            (6:45-7:15 in sanctuary)

            (7:15-7:45 small groups scattered throughout building)


FINK/Youth Fellowship/Service  (on non FINK nights)

            (Youth Room/Fellowship Hall/Ed Wing)

6:45-7:45:       Mixed Choir (sanctuary non FINK nights, preschool/piano area FINK nights)
6:45-7:45:       Senior High/Fellowship/Service (youth room/Fellowship Hall)
7:45-8:00         Final 15, everyone in the Sanctuary (a quiet, contemplative way to end the day)

If you catch the vision and find RECHARGE a way to be connected and filled mid-week, perhaps you, together with a few friends, or a ministry group (choir, committees, Bible study, FINK small groups) would sign up to provide a simple meal once or twice a year.  We hope the $2 suggested donation will cover the majority of the cost.