Members of this ministry regularly visit those who may not be able to come to worship and activities at St. Andrew’s. Having been trained by the pastor, and as the center of our ministries of care and concern, visitors go to people’s homes, care facilities or to the hospital.  Conversation is often accompanied with prayer, readings from the Bible, and if desired, the Sacrament of Communion as an extension of the Meal that was shared in worship at St. Andrew’s.  The blessings of this ministry are many:  while the pastor still visits, people are visited more often than would be possible if it were all up to the pastor; those who are part of the team and doing the visiting are using their God-given passions and skills in ministry and finding meaning and satisfaction doing so; the pastor gets to focus on equipping others to use their gifts in ministry for building up of the Church and extending the love of Jesus.
If you would like to be part of this ministry in connection to and reaching out to members of the congregation, please let the pastor know.
If you know of someone the team might visit, or perhaps if it is you who are unable to make it out of your home or place of residence, please call the church office 218-326-8508.