Are you interested in helping with our audio, video and projection for worship on Sundays and Wednesdays?  This is such an important role!  Members of this team operate the cameras, sound and computer making possible our Live streaming as well as the video replayed a week later on ICTV.  Now that we are gathering again in-person, control booth operators are responsible for what the congregations hears as well as what is projected in the sanctuary. 

Pastor Dave offers training.  Might this be you?  Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are part of making worship possible, not only for in-person attendees but also for our Facebook Live streaming.  Please contact Pastor Dave ( to express interest or to get more information.


Women’s Coffee and Conversation Group meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month during the school year.  Join us for our meetings at 9:30 am in the Fireside Room.  All ages of women are welcome.  Our discussions are based on the gospel lesson for the following Sunday and we use the Daily Discipleship Bible study series.  These discussions enlighten us and strengthen our faith as we apply them to our daily lives.  Questions? please call Eileen Grosland 218-244-4787.  Plan to join us; all women are welcome! 


Quilting Ministry:  St. Andrew’s quilters will be taking a break from meeting through the summer. 

If you want to help with quilting this summer, we have packaged precut squares for tops that you are welcome to take home and sew.  These kits are located in the credenza outside the church office.  We would also welcome you to come and help us assemble quilts next fall on Wednesday mornings.  No experience needed!  This summer, please keep your eyes open for used sheets that are in good condition at garage sales or while cleaning out your closets.  A big thank you to WELCA for providing funds for our quilt batting and extra supplies. 

Join the quilting group again in September when they meet Wednesday mornings 9:00-11:30 am in the Fireside Room.  Our mission is to provide quilts to those in need overseas, in other parts of the U.S. and also locally.  We need your help.  No experience necessary; all women welcome.  There is a job for everyone.  If you can’t make it weekly, come when you can.  If you can’t join us at church, we also have quilt top kits you can take home and sew.  They are located in the credenza under the office windows.  Questions?  Please call Gail Shoemaker at 218-245-1202.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

If you are thinking of learning how to knit or crochet with a great group of women who make prayer shawls for people in need, this is your group!

Prayer Shawl Ministry typically meets the 4th Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am in the Fireside Room at Church to work on prayer shawls, pray for others, and have some fellowship time.  Yarn is available if you need some.   For more information on the Prayer Shawl Ministry, please contact Gail Olijnek at 218-326-2431.

The members of the PRAYER CHAIN are ready to offer their confidential help and support through prayer.  If you believe in the power of prayer, you should join the prayer chain.  
What is the prayer chain?  How does it work?  As a member of the prayer chain, you’ll receive an email with a prayer request.  Then you pray in the privacy of your home.  That’s all that is required.  If you have a prayer request, Please call Jean Gardner at 218-301-6130.  She’ll send an email request to the group. 
If you believe in the power of prayer, join the prayer chain.  It’s an easy and meaningful way to do God’s work by caring for others. 
If you’d like to join the Prayer Chain or want more information, please call Jean Gardner at 218-301-6130 or email her at 




         WELCA continues supporting the sale of  Equal Exchange (fair trade) coffee along with about  3,100 other Lutheran congregations.  70% of the world’s coffee is grown by farmers with fewer than 25 acres.  These farmers and their families, some 25 million people in South America, Africa and Asia, struggle to make a simple living.  The Equal Exchange program enables farmers to receive a fair price that covers the cost of production and guarantees them a living wage for their labors. This project is a mission outreach, not a fundraiser.  All the monies go to the Equal Exchange program.

We have regular, decaffeinated, organic, flavored or whole bean coffees.  If you are unable to be at worship when coffee is being sold and would like to buy Equal Exchange coffee, please call Vicky Lorenz at 651-492-4805 to arrange a pick-up time. 


Attention Thrivent Members:   Thrivent Choice Dollars program.  By directing Choice dollars, you can recommend where Thrivent distributes a portion of its charitable grant funds.  St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church is a registered participant in Thrivent Choice.  You have two options: 1) go online to choice or 2) call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice.”  Thank you for donating your Choice Dollars to St. Andrew’s.
Also, if you are a Thrivent Member, you may be able to apply for a Thrivent Action Team Grant. Action Team Grants provide ‘seed money’ for events hosted at/by St. Andrew’s. Please contact the church office and let us know you are a Thrivent member so we can help you can take advantage of this program.
Please help keep St. Andrew’s Faith Chest Ministry vital.  We’re looking for hands interested in building/assembling faith chests that are given to children being baptized at St. Andrew’s.  Building plans are available or create your own style.  Please check with Angie in the church office for desired sizes.  Also, looking for someone to sew pads to put inside the Faith Chests.  If you’re able to help build faith chests or sew the pads, please contact the church office at (218) 326-8508.  THANK YOU!!
Would you find it helpful to have your offerings debited directly from your bank account as you probably do with other obligations?  St. Andrew’s offers electronic giving for those of you who wish to have contributions transferred electronically to the church’s account.  If you have plans to travel or will be gone during the winter/summer months, electronic giving gives you a convenient way to keep up with your intended offerings.  Visit the Home Page and click the red DONATION button.  ‘Breeze’ is easy and convenient.  If you would like more information or help to set up a convenient process for consistent giving to St. Andrew’s, please contact the church office at 218-326-8508.